Jay Leno Signed photo

Jay Leno thank you letter for chrome jobs

Kurtis Kraft Midget Racer

"Craig and Rob,
Thanks again for the excellent chrome and polish work on my Kurtis Kraft."

Bruce S.


Pinball machine ball guides

"Craig, Kevin, and their team did an awesome job refinishing some metal that was outside of their normal routine: pinball machine ball guides! Not a problem for them, the end result was incredible!

Beautiful work, fast turnaround, and great communication topped off at a very fair price. They’ll be doing more finish work for me in the future!!!"

Frank W.


Chrome work on car

"They have been my chrome shop from the beginning. They are absolutely fantastic people and have been fair honest and do outstanding impeccable work. If you want show quality chrome.. this is the place to go!"

Matt C.




"About 5 or so years ago , we saved this 6.5 Dayton Powertone from a high school sale . Serial number was engraved . Covered in drop dents . Had a huge gouge in the side . After disassembling this beauty , we took a trip to the chrome plater Speed & Sport Chrome Plating. They put this COB Rogers beauty through the process and came out incredible!!!"

Jeff B.