About Speed & Sport Chrome Plating

Show Quality Work for 50 Years

Corvette Expo Houston TX 2011Hello, I’m Craig Bierman and I own and operate Speed & Sport Chrome Plating Inc. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you, as well as introduce you to Speed & Sport Chrome Plating.

I purchased my Chrome Shop in 1989, and it was established in 1971.

The reason I bought the shop was because I am an avid collector of many nostalgic/antique collectables ranging from muscle cars, motorcycles, jukeboxes, slot machines, gas pumps, barber chairs, etc. In the beginning of collecting it was hard to find a good plater that knew anything about the many various collectibles that I needed plated.

As a fanatic about quality work, I am one of those people that strive for perfection when restoring my own prize collectables.

This is why and what got me into the “How’s” of getting into the industry. I knew what was important to me which was quality of work, not loosing parts, turn around time, making sure detail was not removed while being polished, and the importance of getting back my "Original" part that I sent in.

When people tell me, “ I’m going to sell this item, so to save money you don’t need to do a great job”. I apologize and say, “No Thank You” I will only do quality work, there is no way anything is going out of my shop that was not done to its absolute best. If I would not put it on my personal vehicle then I would not expect you to put it on yours.

We inspect each and every piece that goes out the door.

We try to get everything out in 20 working days from the day we receive it. When there are a lot of repairs, it could slow down the turn around time.

To contact us by email go to sales@speedsportchrome.com or call us at 713-921-0235.

Sincerely Craig Bierman