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Our chrome work on Outlaw Garage (very large .mov file)!


Customers Cars:


A special Thanks to Richard Clark and all the Admin staff for maintaining (Richards Relics Bridgestone).

I would especially like to thank the members of Richards Relics Bridgestone site for all the informative posts that helped me along the way with this build.  All the people that helped me source the massive amount of parts I needed.  Too many names to list but you all know who you are.

For those rare and hard to find parts check out Kevin at Scrambler Cycle.  He seems to have parts most folks don’t want to let go of and a great person to deal with.

For carburetor ultrasonic cleaning check out Steve Reed at Carb Worx 540-588-0007.  Great to deal with and a lot of technical knowledge on various machines.

Chroming, Speed & Sport Chrome Plating Houston, Texas 713-921-0235 ask for Craig.  A great person to do business with.  That makes all the difference in the world before handing rare motorcycle parts to someone.  He stands behind his work 100% and is very reasonable on pricing.

In closing, I hope this article helps someone save a little time and money on their GTR build

RIDERED (The Red Rider)
Mike Weiland


Hi Craig,

We had recently received our Berninghaus Barber Chair parts back from your shop. We were absolutely astounded at the quality of the nickel plating that your shop provided us. It is very obvious that Speed & Sport Chrome understands what a true restoration is supposed to looks like. We have used several nickel and chrome plating shops in the past only to be disappointed. When I spoke on the phone, I told you we expected and would not except any less than perfection. Your exact words were “Trust me, it will be diamonds when we’re done!” Well, we trusted you and our search for a quality shop is over. We can’t Thank you enough for the amazing job that your shop has performed.


Ken & Helen
Beaverdam, Va.

Craig,   Wanted to thank you and your crew for doing such an outstanding job on chroming my parts. After the Conroe fiasco, I wasn't too sure I'd ever see them again, let alone looking better than they did when they were new !  I've sent a few pics of the parts you did, along with a pic of my bike "MAGNUM" the 6-Pack Super Bee Valkyrie.  I noticed you don't have any pics of bikes on your webpage, so I thought I'd resolve that oversight ! 

Best regards, 
Bobby Phillips   aka  Gear Jammer


Thanks for your conversation with me the other day. I will collect the chrome from the local plating shop that has done the fine zinc work for me (not cad) and then said they could do chrome and haven't......a few pieces now holding up a job.

For a testimonial, I would say that over the last 12 years, your service and results have been great! The prices, comparatively, have been very fair. Timing has been predictable, unusual for most plating establishments. As a professional restorer for over 40 years, I can say that your service for me has been the best of the various platers I have tried before I was referred to you by another Porsche restorer. As a specialist in older Porsches, my clientele is very quality oriented and you have helped me in satisfying the need for great results the first time around on each job. You are in a very demanding business, an expensive business to run and yet you focus on the end results...the best path for customer satisfaction. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Bruce Baker


Just received my '56 Chevy Pickup radiator support sent to you for chrome plating.  In one word, the work you did is AMAZING!

Although you went slightly over the 15 day process you described I'm really impressed with the quality of the finish.

This is my first chrome plating experience with you and I have to say I'm impressed and you'll be getting my business from now on.

Again, my thanks for an excellent job!

Carl Ham
Peoria, IL

Hi. Just a quick note of Thanks for one of your advertisers.   Speed and Sport Chrome of Houston tx.  When I needed a source of chrome plating Craig not only was reasonably priced, but he kept his word on delivery time.   My customers are astounded on how quick and high quality the work is!  No one in all the years I have done resto work comes close to his quality!

Thanks again.  C knowles, New York. And Gtoaa member.
GTO Association of America


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